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Are you ready to take your career and your lifestyle to the next level?

Then a digital nomad visa may be the answer you’re looking for. As more and more people are embracing the lifestyle of working remotely, Portugal have recognised this trend and have created Digital Nomad visas. This new type of visa allows digital nomads to work and live in a different country for an extended period.

So, if you’ve been dreaming of exploring the world while continuing your career, a digital nomad visa could be the perfect solution!


What is a digital nomad?

People with the digital nomad lifestyle are those who work remotely and travel while utilising the latest technological advancements. Thanks to the emergence of tools such as content management software, mobile devices with internet access, and Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP), these individuals have the capacity to communicate with people from anywhere. Moreover, the expansion of the gig economy has further allowed for people to choose this way of life. Digital nomads are people who can work independently of their location and can travel continuously, wether it’s from their own sofa at home or the beautiful beaches in the Algarve. The easiest way to think of it is this:

Digital = uses technology to work online in some capacity
Nomad = no permanent home base, always traveling around


What is a digital nomad visa?

Amid the global pandemic, Portugal attracted a host of digital nomads who desired its stunning scenery, vibrant outdoorsy lifestyle, reasonable living expenses, security, and clear residency rules.

Since the start of November, Portugal has opened it’s doors to digital nomads and remote workers from any nation across the world, providing them with visas and residence permits to make the process as easy as possible.

This specific visa provides a perfect balance between the length of a tourist visa and the commitment of a residency permit. It facilitates those who want to make a living remotely, allowing them to take advantage of opportunities outside their home country. Moreover, it negates the need for them to leave the country frequently in order to extend their visa status. Additionally, it safeguards the job market for citizens in the country of temporary residence by preventing digital nomads from competing with them for employment.


Quick tips for digital nomads

Prior to their flight to Portugal, digital nomads should take note of the following recommendations.

  • Portugal has created a comprehensive public healthcare system available to digital nomads who meet the necessary residency requirements.
  • Purchasing property in Portugal is straightforward, even for digital nomads who may be considering it as a long-term work destination.

Do I qualify?

If your a digital nomad and Portugal sounds like the ideal place to work and live stress free then to apply for new visa, you must meet the specific eligibility criteria to be considered. Before beginning your application, it is recommended to collect the necessary data. Our RHJ sisters at RHJ Law are more than happy to provide assistance throughout the process and answer any inquiries you may have. Why not follow the provided link and fill out the fast and simple contact form to commence your voyage?

which include:

  • Evidence of a monthly financial capacity of €2,820
  • Proof of accommodation
  • NIF and Portuguese bank account
  • Evidence of remote employment or self-employment agreement
  • A clear criminal record
  • Travel insurance

How to save money as a digital nomad

In Portugal, it is wise to abstain from purchasing imported goods. Such a decision will spare you from an unexpected large expense.

In order to keep your finances in check, limit your trips to fancy bars and restaurants. Occasional indulgences in a classy bar can be a great treat, but making a habit of it can lead to your hardearned money going down the drain.

Instead of visiting the large supermarkets, venture into the country markets and stalls for an exciting shopping experience. You will find items there that are not commonly available in other places, such as local produce and delicacies. By supporting the local merchants, you will also be able to enjoy a more authentic atmosphere.


Why RHJ Group?

At RHJ, we are dedicated to helping hundreds of clients achieve their dreams of living in Portugal. From those seeking to work, join family, or retire there, our experienced team of expat lawyers can help make the entire process smoother, as well as offer vital insight on navigating the various complexities of obtaining Portuguese visas.

If you’re interested in finding out if you’re eligible, we would be more than happy to speak with you.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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