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Portugal suspends new Airbnbs and takes bold step for locals, making buying and renting homes more affordable for locals. Last week, the country announced the suspension of new licenses for Airbnbs and enacted a package of sweeping housing reforms.

Portugal is determined to ensure that it’s citizens have access to affordable housing!


Why has this ban been enforced?

The Portuguese government is implementing stricter rules on short-term rentals in residential neighbourhoods. To adhere to the new regulations, all owners of Airbnb rentals must register their property with Alojamento Local. This policy seeks to protect the housing market by prohibiting holiday rental owners from operating new Airbnbs without permission.
In addition, owners of vacation rentals are obligated to properly manage their guests while they’re in residence. Ensuring they follow all rules and regulations imposed by the Portuguese government. Those who do not comply may be subject to hefty fines and other penalties.
Without a doubt all vacation rental owners must acquire an Alojamento local license regardless of whether they possess a house, apartment etc.

Are you meeting the new restrictions?

If you are already registered as an Airbnb host but need to make sure you comply with the new regulations issued by the Portuguese authorities, the RHJ team can provide a helpful service. Through a FREE consultation, any of your inquiries regarding the AL licence concept can be addressed. You will then receive a proposal following the meeting outlining the services that are available and the fee options.
Clearly we recognise the importance of fulfilling these new rules to safeguard the housing market in Portugal. Our experts can assess your current activity and offer counsel on the most effective way to follow the regulations.

Why the reforms are necessary

The Portuguese government has enacted restrictions on short-term rentals to shield the housing market and check the proliferation of vacation rental units. Prime Minister Antonio Costa’s concern that the nation may turn into a “Disneyland” if a large number of apartments are transformed into holiday homes has prompted this move.
Obviously in popular cities like Lisbon, these rules will be most stringently implemented, but smaller rural areas are expected to face less strict regulations.

How RHJ can help

These new rules and regulations regarding Airbnbs in Portugal must be followed. The RHJ team are here to help you understand and implement them into your business! We provide two distinct services to ensure you are compliant. Our expert team can solely set up the activity on your behalf or aid you in coordinating with management companies you may already be working with.
We recognise that the task of initiating a new business endeavour can be difficult and consuming of resources. Importantly if you already have an existing Airbnb in Portugal but want to make sure you are in line with the latest regulations, our team is here to provide guidance and support.
If you want to ensure your Airbnb operations in Portugal are in the right place, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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