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Are you looking for the perfect place to study abroad? Then look no further than Portugal! In addition to it’s diverse student communities, Portugal offers a variety of activities and attractions that make it an ideal destination for students.

From music festivals to historical sites, Portugal is sure to provide a unique experience for students looking to study abroad.


Why Portugal?

According to QS World University Rankings 2018, there are five Portuguese universities. The University of Porto is the highest rated of these sitting in the top 20% of the world’s top-rated universities.

In addition to strong universities, Portugal has well-respected polytechnics. The difference between the two is that universities place a greater emphasis on academic research. Whereas polytechnics focus on preparing students for a specific career path.

2006 was the year that Portugal dared to do what the European Union was trying to encourage by adopting the Bologna Process for higher education. Now, it offers degrees at three levels. Among these are:

  • Bachelor level or licenciatura, usually takes between three and four years to complete
  • Master level or mestrado, which takes one or two year
  • Doctorate level or duotoramento, which typically takes three years

Usually courses in most programs – particularly at the bachelor’s level – are taught in Portuguese. If at the graduate level, it is more common to find English-taught programs. Undoubtedly, it’s still a plus to speak the national language.

University of Porto

The University of Porto, a public institution ranked in the top 20% of the world Universities in the QS World University Rankings 2018, is located in the city of Porto. Founded in 1911, it has a large community of over 31,000 students, including over 3,280 international students.

After receiving significant financial support for research, the University of Porto has seen a growth in the output of research. Among the most prestigious of the school’s research centres are the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, the Institute of Molecular Pathology and Immunology and the Research Institute of Computer Systems.


University of Lisbon

Firstly sitting in the top 25% of Universities in the world in 2018, the University of Lisbon is Portugal’s largest university and home to 47,000 students enrolled in 18 faculties.

Originally established in 1911, the university was formed by a merger of the former Technical University of Lisbon and the University of Lisbon in 2013. The University of Mines, ranks in the global top 100 of the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017 in several fields. These include art and design, mining engineering and geography.


Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Subsequently, in the top 30% of Universities in the world is the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, commonly referred to as NOVA. Which has over 19,500 students.

Importantly, NOVA specialises in areas like STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and FAME (finance, accounting, management and economics) subjects, and also offers the Lisbon MBA in partnership with Universidade Catolica Portuguesa.

University of Coimbra

Finally the University of Coimbra was established in 1290, way back. It’s ranked in the top 50% of Universities in the world on the QS World University Rankings. And based in the city of Coimbra (former national capital), with a student community of 24,800. As well as that, the university teaches STEM subjects as well as arts and humanities, and with a high proportion of international students.


Next steps

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